Easy Awakening: Pro Tip!

First things first. Find some really good friends.

Then go to a really safe place where you can be totally at ease without worrying about anything.

Prepare music that you love, healthy snack foods and ample drink (non-alcoholic is best for this scenario).

Wear comfortable clothes that will keep you warm or cool.

Now you are ready to enjoy a few bowls of really good grass and wait for the experience of awakening.

If it doesn’t work, try again in a week. Then try again. By the third time you should be able to rise to or expand in new perspectives – altered states.

When you come back to your current state of consciousness, asleep, suspicious, doubting and seeking, you will need to learn how to replicate the observation and experience, with or without the grass.

But grass is a pretty good place to begin if you’re looking for a quick, clean awakening.