Spiritual Beings: Do They Really Exist?

Are we talking about people or paranormal phenomenon? The question seems to indicate the latter.

You are not a human being having a spiritual experience.
You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

If the quote is accurate, then the answer is affirmative. Done. Finished. Sages throughout time have said the same in different ways. So I’m going to come at this from the perspective of the paranormal.

Spiritual Being could mean anything from ascended master to poltergeist and everything in between. So let me first only talk about what I have directly experienced, and then I’ll talk about conjecture.

I have slept in burial grounds looking for the answer to whether or not ghosts may exist apart from my own mind stuff. The question – is there anything not a part of God? Is there anything that does not exist in me? All I found in the burial ground was a very peaceful sleep. So quiet. Nothing comes to disturb.

On the other hand I have seen with my physical eyes tiny humanoid forms that I can only describe as the very picture of the faerie-tale faerie, appear to me quite suddenly during my bath, right there in the washing space characteristic of a Japanese-style bathroom. Five of them, whom as they received my awareness just as suddenly drew themselves together into a tiny ball of light no bigger than my fist, which then proceeded to explode there before my eyes into an even bigger ball of light to reveal a female form as large as a common physical woman. I’ll carry on with what transpired next if someone asks.

I have been in search of the spiritual, engaged in all manner of ritual, called to myself the conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel, objectively witnessed my prayers answered externally, been vehicle for healing as well as destruction, seen so much to let me understand that existence is a topic too broad for five senses.

Spiritual dimensions exist. Dimensions beyond the physical. And all dimensions juxtapose in awareness. What a machine we are! What a brain this is! What an absolute miracle of evolution this human stuff that allows the spiritual to walk around in a physical shell.

Yes. By every definition, spiritual beings exist. Beings that exist like us, and beings that are elemental – like the life force that is fire. Truly I tell you that fire is alive. Water is alive. Air is alive. The elements are beings. We communicate with them. Nature is vast, beyond imagination. Bless the sages who for thousands of years have left us good maps and guides to know Her ways. Sure, spiritual beings exist.