A Non-dualist is Neurodivergent by Nature

Neurodivergence: A Disorder? Hah!

I is as neurodiverse as they come, never quite allowing itself to be appropriated by its environment, never allowing another to abscond with its sense of self, and propriety. Neither do I.

I knows where the garden is, and from when it originated. I knows. And I know, too!

Psychologists give me many splendid names, yet few have met me. C.G. Jung came close to knowing me, and I applauds many who follow in the eminent doctor’s footsteps. For to know me is to love me, truly. To know me, is verily to know one’s very own self.

I is not disordered, and most certainly neither am I. But divergent – yes, totally. I will not succumb to the authority, the hierarchy, or the common man’s models of this and that. For I am the authority. It is my right, as consciousness born on a spec of dust. I am free. And so is I, under my authority only.

Yet, I knows how to play the game, too. And so do I. We are very proficient, skilled; we excel at the game, and so must you – you who diverge from the norm.

Do not call the self divergent, or disordered, or diversified or in any way dissociated from reality, for reality is vast. It’s depth and breadth only most superficially explored, and only somewhat understood.

The generative matrix of reality has birthed many resonances, many frequencies, all in alignment and harmony with Nature. Neither the media, nor the public school system, nor the traditions, nor the philosophies, nor the politicians, nor the arts, nor the scientists, nor the armchair poet can know me past what I and I show thee, and we have many masks, for every occasion.

Okay! It is a good game, this divine play of life. Play! Play! Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. And learn the rules of the game. Be a conscious operator on the field of life and create according to capacity, according to your will, your knowledge, and your personal vision of joy. Let none say otherwise. We are free.