A “Magical” Curriculum for Grades K-12

Nurture innocence for the duration, and a childlike relationship with our Creator.

This is a very rough draft and first impression of how I might create a curriculum for K-12. I’ve put all of 30 minutes of thought into this, so forgive me in advance for all that it lacks, but would love to get into it in the comments!

Preschool ~ Grade 1 (Ages 3–7)

  • Creativity & Imagination
  • Self-expression – anything goes
  • Nature studies (weather, dirt, critters, planting & harvesting)
  • Integrity of speech (honesty) *Teachers, don’t dumb down your own speech.
  • Proper Nutrition & Sleep (crayons by the bedside for dream journaling)
  • Forces 101 (Life & Death, Love & Hate, Gravity & Inertia)
  • A lot of outdoor playtime
  • Shao Lin Kung Fu
  • Music

*All supplemented with healthy doses of love, affection and encouragement.

Grades 2~4 (Age 7–10)

  • Continuing age-appropriate progression of the above plus:
  • Meditation 101 incl. stress management
  • Physiology 101 (Basically we’re going to start bringing the general education subjects of junior high down to elementary school level and get well grounded in all of the elements of science)
  • Art appreciation, mechanics and shop ( Get a good grasp on physical potential to express emotion and idea)
  • Psychology 101 (Moods, Emotions, Relationships, The power of words, as thought or voiced, to produce effect, conscious/subconscious input/output)
  • Philosophy 101 (Abstractions [i.e. Plato], Basic Logic, Lateral Thinking, Metaphysics)
  • Game Theory 101
  • Botany & Herbology 101
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Dance

Grades 5~7 (Age 10–12)

  • Continuing age-appropriate progression of K~4 plus:
  • Communion 101 (Learn to identify Nature manifestation such as synchronicity)
  • Applied Intention, Concentration & Focus
  • Divination 101
  • Psychology 201 (Dissection of Fear) maybe this should come earlier
  • Meditation 201 and Intro to Zen (Nothingness & Silence)
  • Lucid dreaming & Dream Analysis
  • Project Management, Goal Setting, Critical Thinking
  • Civics & Finance 101
  • Leadership 101
  • Oratory & Debate 101
  • Chemistry 101

Grades 8~12 (Age 12–17)

  • Continuing age-appropriate progression of K~7 plus:
  • Vision Quest
  • Elemental Communication
  • Meditation 301 & Intro to Advanced Visualization
  • Psychology 301 & Psychoanalysis
  • Advanced Manifestation
  • Business
  • Applied Physics
  • Self-healing & Laying of Hands

And now we arrive at Electives, far too numerous to go into here, which by the age of 13 should be becoming clear in the mind of the student, wherein they know themselves, their own interests and proclivities and will be in a very good position to go forward on their path with a decent grounding in the basics of the arts and sciences of the physical and elemental worlds, and a superb and healthy mind and body to carry them forward.