“Kundalini”IT’S ALL HER – I’m Just a Puppet

Kundalini is the Goddess; She is quite beyond the body of man.

The metaphors used to depict Her presence in us are exactly that – metaphors. She is not a chakra. She doesn’t get enlarged and overactive like some kind of glandular disorder.

Kundalini is Shakti. Shakti! Parvati. Wife of the One. Shiva. She is Maa Durga. Mother Nature. Prakriti. She is bigger than us, people. Vaster than poetry can paint. I get it; it’s really difficult to grasp. Entirely impossible really. So our small minds roll Her up into small ideas.

But the phenomenon of Kundalini Risen goes far beyond what any of the answers here have alluded to. Well, a few touched down briefly on the potential, but for the most part, you all have her rolled up in bodily feelings. How utterly small. To confine the Goddess to a personal feeling. That’s almost as bad as the Abrahamic religions personifying God into an old man sitting on a cloud somewhere making conscious personal decisions that affect individual lives. Talk about ego-oriented conjecture!

The yogin practice a Tantra that takes us beyond the discrimination of mind into that dimension of reality upon which all else rests – that reality which serves as backdrop to the reality viewed at the forefront of mind. Some call it something like turiya. True there is only one reality. And just as veils are removed like the lifting of rain into sunlit day and further as eye meets horizon, and deeper as it turns inward, then further as I greets Silence and knows itself to be nothing before the Seer awakens to simply Be – THEN and only then, is something like a union with Goddess akin to still only beginning to be understood.

Krishnamurti gives us fine rationalization and intellectualization and contextualization of every concept enjoyed by man.

CG Jung, who coined the phrase spiritual psychosis when speaking on Kundalini at a symposium of psychologists while cautioning on the western propensity for psychological confusion and malady or malaise, warned in that same meeting to stay away from eastern concepts for which the western mind is not culturally conditioned to deal with properly – this very same CG Jung, proponent of the parapsychological, told you himself – Kundalini is God, bigger than the western adapatation of the term into its New Age.

And even Gopi Krishna, who though a pioneer in the logical discourse of quantum consciousness, still himself only ever refers to feelings of fire, of joy, of radiance, of enlightenment, of union, of expansion, of pain, of this and that and this and that and this and that. Feelings. Horrific feelings. Depressed feelings. Elated feelings. Feelings. Feelings. Feelings. An awesome proponent of the activation of the feminine nature though he was, he remains just that, a powerful activist and champion of balanced human nature. Laudable.

But friends, family. This is not Kundalini Risen.

Intellectual and emotional awakenings to higher morality, deeper understanding leading to behavioral adjustments and personality changes, Ashtangha Yoga – these may or may not provide something like a fertile ground for the manifestation of Goddess consciousness within your vehicle. But seriously, even as Gopi Krishna has called for Kundalini to be savior of the human race and the very evolution towards which we are destined – see the reality of our evolution as it is today. We are forever 50-50. Half want to throw stones while half want peace on Earth. Forever has it been so, forever must it be. That is what it means to live in a dualistic reality. While there is one judgement alive, so must the other be, too. One side of the coin cannot live without the other. Where Kama goes, Krohda laughs at him.

But I tell you, once you have gone beyond, gone all the way, all the way beyond – gyate gyate – the Prajñaparamita – only then can you understand. And then, yes, sure. Your behavior and feelings and this and that will be different. But you will have gotten over the tumult of mind. That tumult is not the Rising nor is it the Risen. It is the purification process only!

If you have read with me this far, then let me now answer the question as it has been put forward.

What are some experiences regarding awakening the Kundalini Chakra? Chakra -oy… I will tell you the experiences that happened through this body of mine and definitely they are not my experiences but Her experiences.

First, see. There was this puppy.

Once upon a time I was sitting with my Master on the side of a small, dirt road in a small town in Himachal Pradesh, just taking some tea under the sunshine while watching the dust and the people and the cars. It was a very narrow road and two cars traveling in opposing directions could only barely pass one another.

After a time the cars created a jam and stopped moving and that’s when I heard the crying. Some great suffering was happening someplace up the road and the sound pulled me. Curious I went to examine the source.

A bus and a car were parked in a face-off holding all the other cars back in either direction. Between them laying in the road was a puppy. It was crying like anything. A bloody mess. Maybe it was hit or something. I don’t know. The townspeople were gathered around like townspeople do, talking, complaining, kicking up dust. That poor pup was just crying. Poor little pup. I don’t know anything; only I took that pup in my arms and brought it to a shade place under the awning of a roadside stall. It was shaking and crying and bleeding like anything. I didn’t really feel anything. Maybe something like compassion was there, but there is nothing really passionate about it. Really rather matter of fact considering it was no longer me doing any of this. Whatever I was, I was completely with that pup. I was its protector and benefactor then and there.

I sat down with that pup in my arms and removed my mineral water from my ruck, unscrewed the cap and poured a few drops of water into that cap and poured the capful onto its head, blessing, sharing a little love. I hadn’t yet noticed the huge crowd around me yet and when I did, had no idea why the townspeople had turned their attention to me. Still to this day don’t know what they saw. But in the next moment, that puppy was suddenly jumping in my face, licking at me, all happy and healed – not a trace of blood remained on its fur and neither did I think anything at all about that. I was just so utterly happy when it jumped from my arms and practically danced itself back onto the road and back into the life, galloping away at the full speed of young puppy life, and I watched as it went off, proud of life itself, feeling something like bliss. That’s when I noticed for the first time the people staring at me in awe. I still don’t know what they saw.

My Master approached me. He had been watching from the sidelines. He just chuckled. Lucky puppy is all He said in passing.

Later He would tell me that the villagers and townsfolk were all shaken because of their blind faith in magic. They watched with equal bits awe and apprehension because there were legends in those hills of another monk who healed in just such a way – a thimbleful of water, a bit of chanting and poof! Good health.

All this by way of answering one experience of manifestation of the Goddess in me. She Rises. She Rises without calling on Her. She Rises and She acts. It is She! She is the doer. I just be me. Nothing here. I am nothing without Her and anything at all if She says so. That is Kundalini. And the response of the small I to all that is Wow! And then I can go on analyzing all that, too.

One does not go siddhi chasing because chase and chase you will not develop any kind of siddhi. Don’t chase, but be something else entirely, and all that will naturally Rise up through you and at that time you won’t care at all about any of that anyway. So the masters say from the beginning not to care about any of that. But when the Goddess Rises, you better believe there will be signs far beyond the subjective.