Tarot 3.0 Workshop

Tarot 3.0

Join me LIVE on ZOOM for a breakthrough workshop in TAROT where you will learn in just three hours How to Read the Cards, Hone Your Intuition & Higher Senses and Empower Yourself with the Keys to the Mysteries of the Akasha.

Only $40
All Inclusive!




Choose your preferred date and time from the three choices below. This is a one-time, 3-hour workshop that will immediately enable even a complete novice to begin reading the cards on their own. 


Pre-recorded workshops available in the Program Library anytime.

This Workshop Will Cover

The Basics

Hour 1

  • Crafting Questions
  • The 9 Rules of Reading
  • Choosing Decks
  • Care & Ritual
  • The Significator
  • Textbook Interpretations
  • Developing Intuition 101
  • Simple Spreads 

The Foundation

Hour 2

  • Tarot Gazing
  • The Tarot Journal
  • Reading the Cards: Oracle & Tarot
  • Meditations for Intuition
  • Complex Spreads 

Esoteric Practices

Hour 3

  • Kabbalah & The Tree of Life
  • Advanced Intuition Practice
  • The Golden Dawn (Thoth-Crowley) Spread
  • Q & A

Pre-recorded workshops available in the Program Library anytime.

All Included!

When you join this workshop you’ll get:

  • A 3-hour live workshop over Zoom, practice time and ample opportunity to pick my brain!
  • Classical Rider-Waite Tarot Plates (in case you don’t have your own cards) to use during the workshop and play with after.
  • Several E-books by classical authors with all the information you’ll ever need to get yourself established in the art of Tarot.
  • Illustrations & Diagrams that spell out the traditional attributions of the cards
  • Access to my library of tarot and other spiritual resources.
  • A recording of the entire workshop to download afterwards and study again at your own pace.

Read What Others Are Saying About Tarot 3.0

The whole experience was fantastic. David’s teaching style is relaxed and comfortable and he is incredibly detailed and insightful. He explained the history of the Tarot, the variety of deck choices, then went over in great detail how to connect intuitively with the cards and read them with love and integrity. I thought reading Tarot was a gift only a special few had. It was exciting to learn, hands on, that we all have the ability to read if we put in some effort.
Brooke Iwinski

I had the privilege of attending David’s tarot reading workshop on NYE and let me just say it was a gift! I enjoyed his approach and guidance to look within and really listen to what your intuition, body and emotions are saying to you. Encouraging us to really “read” the cards and not only depend on what the booklets are saying. Initially I thought I would use a more modern deck that I have been drawn to, however during the class I realized I would like to work with my classical deck while diving deeper, but of course that was my feeling and not from any pressing from David. If there is anyone interested in learning more about the Tarot I highly suggest his workshop. He provides a wealth of information, on hands exercises, resources and sends a video of the course after so you can watch at your leisure…there is a lot of guidance given! I’ve taken a couple other workshops and this was by far my favorite.

Rosie Aviles
Reiki Practitioner

The workshop was a great pleasure and a huge inspiration for further explorations of Tarot for me. Thank you very much, also for incredible package of materials, which I well received. Pure inspiration for me to continue my own journey into the mysteries of Tarot.

Marija Skocir
Museum Curator

When I heard how talented David was at Tarot readings, I became intrigued. I’ve had readings before, but was more interested in learning how to read. I tried to temper my expectations, but that was difficult seeing how much he knows! Even if I failed at grasping the tarot, I looked forward to peeking inside of his mind and I wasn’t disappointed. Witnessing how his mind processed the proper use of the cards taught me a lot and I have been pumping out great reading, after great reading to all who ask.

Joel Reynolds

I would like to say that I took David’s last Tarot Card Course and it was the best workshop of all the different “spiritual” classes and Masterclasses that I have taken over the past 8 years. David’s knowledge is amazing and he was able to answer in great detail any question asked during the course. If you want to really learn Tarot Cards take David’s Tarot Workshop 3…..I give it a 10 out of 10. I have taken 2 other Tarot Card courses other than David’s and did not learn enough to really perform a good reading. However, after taking David’s Tarot Workshop, I feel very confident to do very precise readings at this time.

Mike Kiser
Body Builder

Whether you’re a complete beginner to the Tarot, or simply looking to expand your knowledge and take your Tarot evolution to the next level, this breakthrough workshop may be the turning point you've been waiting for. And at this ridiculously discounted price, how can you go wrong? 

Pre-recorded workshops available in the Program Library anytime.