ONE With Nature? Seriously?

We are the Borg. We are ONE. Join the Hive and know Absolute Freedom!

When one is assimilated in the Borg world, in other words, injected with nano-probes and augmented with Borg tech, one joins the Hive and becomes ONE with it, immediately empowered with the total capacities of the Hive, enabled with a perspective that sees in any and every direction, in any dimension in which there is a Borg presence. Pretty serious oneness and a good example for the purposes of this particular topic.

Needless to say (but saying it anyway) Nature is bigger than the Borg. And it really is high time that folks come to grip with the utter vastness of the statement: ONE with Nature.

Tell me, are you able to grasp the infinite permutations of an object? Do you see the hydrogen particles in the air merging with the oxygen to become water? Are you aware of the water gathering in the cloud before the rain? Are you in every particle, in every droplet, in every cloud, around the world? Do you feel the temperature differences of the water in space as compared to the water on all the planets in all the galaxies in the universe simultaneously? And that’s just one teeny tiny example!

Are you really ONE with Nature? Or are you talking about something else? Something, much, much, much smaller. Like a feeling. Like an intellectual conceptualization of a feeling which the mind then uses to trace the vague outlines of a construct and then entertains itself by looking at said construct and asking questions like: “Hmm, what’s that?” “Why did I do that?” Or entertaining itself with the direct analysis of the current condition via the “Why do I feel” – A.K.A. Self-inquiry and observational analysis. Good tools for the job! But it’s only the mind doing its job and it behooves anyone to come to grips with that fact sooner rather than later.

Answer honestly.

Are you able to watch the cellular division, organic evolution and decay of all living beings – the entire dance of the infinite? How about just one living being? Can you put your consciousness into a butterfly? How about your own body!? Can you witness what’s going on in there? Mindfulness-based stress management gives us the little meditation called the body scan. Can you scan accurately, locate, identify glitches in your own matrix and then actually do something about it? Are you really ONE with Nature or the Natural objects around you? Any pseudo-psycho-spiritual mumbo-jumbo that invokes this particular terminology does knowledge-seekers a true disservice by leading the aspirant along illusory paths.

There is truth to be known. Certainly. Be the prayer when you pray. Stick on that point! Use it like a mantra, affirmation or basis of your self-inquiry and observation. I promise you won’t be lead astray.

What is it you are feeling when you feel to become one with the objects around you? Imagination. Now don’t take that the wrong way. There’s imagination and then there’s imagination! But if you’re not really ONE with the existence around you then it’s the former, lesser version to be sure.

In Vajrayana Tantra, visualization is the key to the Tantric imagination and is a high and mighty art. Put that imagination to conscious purpose, and you will begin to glimpse Oneness. Be the prayer when you pray.