Nirvikalpa Samadhi

Has anybody ever attained the inexpressible? How can I know? In Sarvitarka Samadhi, I knows. Savichara Samadhi – I knows. Even in Sa-ananda Samadhi I still knows. Quietly. The guy has been put in its place. Sa-Asmita Samadhi – Ah, now we’re getting someplace! Thus is the experience of Savikalpa.

Nirvikalpa? What to say when it is all dissolved? There is no defining this understanding. A lot of good poetry – none does it justice when the word is so utterly limiting. Big problem – words. Deeply insightful without any judgement comes near, but it is thoughtless. Entirely without mind. Silent. Totally absorbed in…something. Or nothing. Who knows? Ritambhara Pragya – All just quite suddenly is, and it’s GoOd.

Attain Nirvikalpa – possible. But with Their Grace one goes beyond, completely beyond – Dharmamegha – laughing out loud at the idea that one might have spent so long chasing the idea of a God as I crashes into the Great Ocean, and return to live out my days happily in Sahaja – better!